Cobalt Secure Backups

Backups are important, but are only one piece of a multi-faceted approach to good, solid, business fundementals.  Disaster recovery and business continuity are also critical components, and are components that we are well versed to discuss and provide solutions towards.

Part 1 : Protect your data

Whats important ?

How long do I need to hang onto it?

What are the consequences if I DON'T back this up?

Am I prepared to live with the consequences?

Is the business?

Part 2 :Disaster Recovery

I have lost files.

I have lost my server.

I have lost access to my data.


How can I get back into operation?

Part 3: Business Continuity

I've got access to my backups; Now what ?


And for how long?

Did I think about how I do business?

Did I think about where I am going to do business?

Which of my operations are critical?

Which can I afford to do without; and for how long?


The Entire Picture

The term ‘disaster recovery’ means different things to different people.  The word ‘disaster’  spans everything that could go wrong and affect whether your system and data is online, available, and performing to spec.


The word ‘recovery’ means any process that allows you to bring your system and data back online, available, and performing to spec.


Your disaster recovery plan could be as simple as restoring from the last full database backup, or as complicated as failing over all processing to a remote data center and engaging a 3rd-party company to distribute new DNS routing entries across the Internet.


When is the last time you tested yours ? 


Do you have one ?  If not, contact us !