Hosted VDI

Hosted Virtual Desktops deliver a complete Windows 7 desktop experience from the Cloud, with centralised controls and the freedom to install whatever you need, but with no compromise in performance

How do they work ?

Improvements in thin client computing and a faster Internet mean Hosted Virtual Desktops really are the future of ‘desktop’ computing. A Hosted Desktop is a fully-functioning remote workstation. But instead of it being stored on local hardware, all the required software and data is served from the Cloud, in our state-of-the-art data centres. Data is securely transmitted over the internet to an end-user’s workstation via the latest thin-client technology, whilst industry-standard encryption (as used by the likes of Amazon and HSBC) ensures that no information can be accessed by external parties. A user’s keystrokes and mouse movements are all seamlessly relayed from the workstation to the data centre.